Available for Review

See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng

The X Files: Origins – Devil’s Advocate by Jonathan Maberry
Dana Scully as a Teen/Serial Killer/Occult/Government Conspiracies

The X Files: Origins – Agent of Chaos by Kami Garcia
Fox Mulder as a Teen/Serial Killer/Occult/Government Conspiracies

Air by Lisa Glass

Chime by Franny Billingsley

My Friend Twigs by Cliff McNish
Talking Cockatoo/Friendship/Growing Up

Nobody Saw No One by Steve Tasane
Urban Adventure/Foster Care/Homelessness/Oliver Twist Re-Imagining

Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield
Emotional/Gothic Elements/Family/Loss

Last Chance Angel by Alex Gutteridge

Darkmere by Helen Maslin
Gothic/Ghosts/Time Switch

The Black Lotus by Kieran Fanning
Time Travel/Ninjas/Action/Adventure – NINJA SCHOOL!!!!

Finding A Voice by Kim Hood
Friendship/Disabilities/Diversity/Mental Health Issues

Deep Amber by C.J. Busby
Magic/Adventure/For Younger Harry Potter Fans

Frogspell by C.J. Busby
Magic/Comedy/King Arthur

Nest by Esther Ehrilch
Friendship/Adventure/Emotional/Historical (1972)/Disability

Storm Horse by Nick Garlick
Horses/Bullying/Historical/Friendship/Family Issues/For fans of Michael Morpurgo

Pop Girl by Tallia Storm
Autobiographical/For fans of The X Factor and The Voice

The Rising by Tom Moorhouse – 3 copies available

River Daughter by Jane Hardstaff
Historical – Tudor Setting/London Setting/Paranormal/Adventure

The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick

Fearsome Dreamer by Laure Eve
Virtual Reality/Witches/Mythology/Alternate History

Dark of the Moon by Siobhan Curham
Book 2/Paranormal

The Winter Wolf by Holly Webb
Historical/Animals/Winter/Time Travel

Hope is a Ferris Wheel by Robin Herrera

The Boys School Girls: Obi’s Secrets by Lil Chase

Shine Izzy Shine by Ellie Daines

The Junction of Sunshine and Luck by Holly Schindler
Environmental Issues/Social Divides/Perception/Self-awareness

Blackberry Blue and Other Fairy Tales by Jamila Gavin
Fractured Fairytales/Magic/Fantasy/Short Stories

Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead
Friendship/Multiple Perspectives/Identity/Diversity/Equality

A Whisper of Wolves by Kris Humphrey

Listening for Lucca by Suzanne LaFleur
Family/Friendship/Mystery/Historical Elements/Fantasy Elements

A Little in Love by Susan E. Fletcher

The Spin by Rebecca Lisle
Fantasy/Olver Twist Re-Imagining

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
Psychological Thriller/Unreliable Narrator

The Dark Light by Julia Bell
LGBTQ/Religious Cult/Misogyny/ Fanaticism

The Making of Mollie by Anna Carey
Historical/Set in Dublin/Womens Rights

Run for the Hills by Tom McCaughren
Animals/Irish Setting/Environmental Issues

Alif the Unseen by G. Willow Wilson
Computer Genius/Hacking/Fantasy Elements/Social Commentary/Middle East

Ways to see a Ghost by Emily Diamand
Ghosts/Paranormal/Sci-Fi Thriller

The Savages by Matt Whyman
Cannibals/Dark Humour

The Whisper by Emma Clayton

Legends Lair by Joe O’Brien

The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette De Bodard
Murder Mystery/Good v Evil/Historical Fantasy/Dystopia

Stormteller by David Thorpe
Mythology/Welsh Setting

All About the Hype by Paige Toon
Fame/Emo/Book 3

Haunt Me by Liz Kessler
Bullying/Self Harm/Depression/Ghosts/Paranormal Romance

Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
Twins/LGBTQ/Dual Narrative/Mature Themes

Dara Palmers Major Drama by Emma Shevah

Fleeced by Julia Willis

Viva Alice by Judi Curtin

Rebecca is Always Right by Anna Carey
Music/Drama/Art/Romance/Family/Diary Fiction/Irish Setting

The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom by Vicki Lockwood – 2 copies
Crime/Mystery/London Setting/Historical/Adventure

Alien Stinks by Steve Cole
Comedy/Reluctant Readers/Middle Grade

Night Owls by Jenn Bennett – 2 copies available

The Beneath by S.C Ransom
London Setting/Dystopia – Contemp Blend/Bullying/Supernatural

Hamish and the World Stoppers by Danny Wallace
Middle Grade/Comedy/Paranormal/

Angel Evolution by David Estes
Fantasy/Good versus Evil

Leap of Faith by Candy Harper
For Fans of Louise Rennison/Family/romance/Friendship

The Cake, The Wolf and The Witch by Maudie Smith
Fractured Fairytale/

The Butterfly Shell by Maureen White
Self Harm/Ghosts/Bullying

Cow Girl by G.R Gemin
South Wales Setting/Community/Humour

The Unicorne Files:1 by Chris D’Lacey

The Unicorne Files:2 by Chris D’Lacey