Review: A Hollow in the Hills by Ruth Frances Long


Image from Goodreads

Title: A Hollow in the Hills
Series: Dubh Linn #2
Author: Ruth Frances Long
Publisher: O’Brien Press
Publication Date: Sept 2015
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

The sequel to A Crack in Everything. When an ancient and forbidden power is unleashed, Izzy, who is still coming to terms with her newfound powers, must prevent a war from engulfing Dublin and the fae realm of Dubh Linn. But by refusing to sacrifice Jinx – fae warrior and her ‘not-really-ex’ – Izzy sets in motion a chain of events which will see them hunted across the city and into the hills where she’ll face the greatest challenge of all.


I absolutely love anything to do with angels, demons, or anything supernatural! I was so excited to start this book, but I struggled to really get into the story as I hadn’t read the first book.

A Hollow In The Hills follows on from the first book of the series, A Crack In Everything. Following the events of the previous summer, it is set in late October in Dublin. The story is told in the third person, yet still through the eyes of three people, Izzy, Jinx, and Dylan.

In the first book Izzy is told about another world hidden within Dublin called Dubh Linn, home to Fae and Fae warriors like Jinx and that she has hidden powers as her father is a Grigori and her birth mother is the powerful matriarch of a hollow .

In A Hollow In The Hills, Izzy is still coming to terms with her power, and is quickly faced with the task of stopping a war between Demons, Angels, The Dead, and Holly, a previous matriarch that turned evil.

As I hadn’t read the first book, I found this book really difficult to get into and to understand what was happening. As soon as I started the book, I was faced with so many names of creatures and of places such as Sidhe and Eochaid (which after realising there was a pronunciation dictionary at the back of the book, I  had been pronouncing them wrong the whole time). After a few chapters, I started to piece together what happened before October, and soon understood what was happening. But I still just couldn’t get into the story. I’m not sure why, looking back on the characters and the story it doesn’t seem that bad, but I just got bored throughout the book and felt as if it dragged on in some places.

The descriptive writing was good, I could easily picture what the characters and scenes looked like. I knew exactly how the main characters felt and Ruth Frances Long really drew you in and made you feel as if you were in the characters shoes.

I loved all the characters and their personalities. My favorite character was Silver, I love how she was shy to such an important role yet soon became a powerful matriarch and became courageous and brave. I love how she was portrayed, her personality, and she would do anything for the ones she loves.

The only character I found pointless was Clodagh. As much as she was a nice character, I found that she didn’t contribute anything to the storyline and when she was first involved in the fae world, she was annoying and dragged the story on too much as she had to know everything that had happened.

As a star rating I would give this book a 3, as much as I loved the story line and the characters, I still found the book dragged on and was really difficult to get into the story. I probably would recommend this book to a friend, as long as they read the first book first.  


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