Author Guest Post: Reading Interrupted with Rebecca Denton

Author Guest Post

We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Denton today to share the books currently sitting on her to-be-read pile.

Image from Goodreads

Not Much of A Reader Right Now TBH

Last year, I set a goal to read 5 books. I smashed that by reading 7. Okay, I know what you’re thinking – but you’re a writer, isn’t reading one of the most important things you should do? 

Yes. It should be. Oh to have a quiet mind for it, though.

On top of book writing and editing (often on my iPhone late at night) and other income-generating work (I’m a TV producer by trade), the last few years have been overwhelmed with childlings.

I have two of them, the little sleep stealing delights. I write this post, perched on the end of my bed in the darkness while the poorly 10-month-old is sleeping next to me.  I am afraid to type too loudly or move too much in case I wake her – but I’m unable to move too far away or she will sense the loss of my body heat and wake anyway.

The 2.5-year-old has snuck out of the room to curl up on the couch with my other half who was expelled from bed sometime earlier (probably due to a kick in the face from one of them, definitely because there’s simply not room for four).

On top of which we’ve just come home from a 48-hour journey that involved 4 different continents, 6 different planes and 4 battles through airport security. Everyone is ridiculously jetlagged.  Did I mention it’s 3:17am?

So yes, reading is a huge luxury right now.  Hell, a cup of tea that doesn’t go cold is a luxury right now! But in spite of it all, this year I still plan on reading as many books as I can.

Here is a little taster from my TBR pile.

First up: The Patterson Girls by Rachael Johns.

Image from Goodreads

Rachael is my cousin and one Australia’s most beloved fiction writers.  This book is dedicated to me and my brothers, but also marks her evolution from rural romance to woman’s fiction author.  Rachael inspired me to write This Beats Perfect, and held my hand every step of the publishing process. And so, this year, when I have 5 minutes to myself – this book is up first.

The Hate You Give or T.H.U.G. by Angie Thomas is a hotly anticipated YA inspired by the #blacklivesmater movement.

My debut ‘buddy’ Nadine Jolie Courtney’s Romancing The Throne, is also top of the list along with Elly Blake’s sequel to Frostblood (which I really enjoyed) is out later in the year.

Plus David Owen’s The Fallen Children, #famous by Jilly Gargon, Wing Jones by Katie Webber (who was kind enough to blurb my book!) and Wattpad star A.V. Geiger’s Follow Me Back is currently open on my Kindle. I WILL FINISH IT. It’s awesome.


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