Review: Chemistry by Jodi Lamm

Recommendations, Review
Image from Goodreads
Author: Jodi Lamm
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: June 2015
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads
You don’t want to read this book. I’m warning you. This isn’t a heartwarming, boy-meets-girl, high school romance. I wish it were—God, do I ever. No, if you read this, you’re going to be angry… with me, mostly. You’ll probably yell at me, if you’re the type of person who yells at books. You’ll tell me not to be so stupid, but I won’t listen. I’ll be exactly as stupid as I need to be to destroy everything I love because that’s who I am: a walking, talking tragedy. That’s who I’ve always been. But if you’re determined to read on despite my warning, I may as well introduce myself. My name is Claude Frollo, I’m nineteen going on ninety, and this is my story. It isn’t pretty, but it’s honest. And it’s the only story I have left to tell.

Chemistry is a great story with a very different take on Beauty and the Beast. It focus on the story of Claude Frollo, and watches him destroy his life over one beautiful girl, Esmeralda. She turns the characters’ lives upside down, and not in a good way.
My favourite character is Valentine, as I feel like, even though he has been through an awful lot, he still keeps trying his best for people and my favourite part is the very end! I enjoyed the 1st person perspective, as I felt it conveyed feelings really well. The plot was very thought-provoking, with many twists and turns.
Jodi Lamm is awesome at expressing emotions, and she writes about relationships really well. Everything made sense, and I loved the ending, however unexpected. I thought the epilogue was rather strange, though!
I would recommend this book to any lovers of fractured fairy-tales, or people who enjoy quirky, strange tales, or thought provoking books. However much I screamed at the choices Claude makes, on the whole, I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you do to!

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