Review: Zom-b Bride by Darren Shan

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Image from Goodreads
Series: Zom-B
Author: Darren Shan
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: Feb 2015
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

B Smith has been rescued from the den of torture she’d been trapped in—but her savior is none other than the murderous maniac clown Mr. Dowling. He’s desperate to woo B and have her become his bride. He disgusts her, but B knows an opportunity when she sees one. Can she marry a monster if it means saving the world?

Zom-B Bride was a very mysterious to say at the least. There were plenty of twists and turns all the way through.

To start off with there is a love/hate relationship with a psychotic mutant wanting a zombie bride (as the title suggests). Of course, he finds someone he wants to marry and that person is Becky Smith; also known as ‘B’ in the book. It’s a tale between good and evil. The main plot is about a vial which is a little potion that has the potential to destroy the good people, if in the hands of Mr Dowling but on the other hand, if it was given to Dr Oystein (the good person of the book), all the bad people would be destroyed.

This book is the tenth book in a twelve book series and I therefore, think it would be beneficial if you read the previous books in this series.
My favourite character was Kinslow. This is because he has a very funny but odd character and this is shown by the way he acts towards B. Also, his relationship with B improves as the story progresses, and this is intriguing to witness. The characters were real to me because Darren Shan described the characters well and although it was the tenth book in the series you did get to know the characters but it would have been a lot easier if you had read the previous books. The story did keep me guessing in terms of the marriage but the plot was a bit slow.
My favourite part of the book was when Mr Dowling, Kinslow and the babies introduced B to their secret domain. I particularly enjoyed this part because the description of it was disgusting and gory but interesting e.g. there was organs, bones and blood all over the walls!!!!!

An emotional scene for me would be when B finally changes her mind over marrying Mr Dowling, he shows an emotional side, he shows a different side to what he usually shows, he usually is every rude and mean person but he is kind and says he’s willing to change his ways to marry her.
Zom-B Bride didn’t make me laugh or cry because it wasn’t that type of book. On occasions, this book made me eager to want to read more but in general it was a bit slow.
In terms of the ending, it was a cliff-hanger but that is because there is another two books in the series. For me personally, I found it hard to understand Mr Dowling’s character at the start and found him a bit rude but towards the end of the book he eased up a bit and I warmed towards him. I found the story fine in terms of scariness fine just at times a bit too gory.

I would recommend this to young adult readers like myself because the way in which its written isn’t too scary but it’s a bit too advanced for children, in terms of the description. Overall, I enjoyed this book and would give it a three out of five due to the description and the storyline of the book but it was a bit slow and boring at times, that is the reason why it wasn’t higher.

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