Shakespeare Week

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The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust passionately believes that Shakespeare is not only for all time, but for everyone, and that having a great first experience of Shakespeare should be something every child experiences. That’s where Shakespeare Week comes in.
 Shakespeare is a named author on the curriculum in 65% of countries, studied by around half of the world’s schoolchildren every year. He has been hailed as the UK’s greatest cultural export, and the foremost reason why people are proud to be British. Yet many British children encounter Shakespeare only in their teens as a mandatory subject studied for exams. Many grow up to regard Shakespeare as difficult, and not for them, and in turn are very unlikely to introduce their own youngsters to his creative influence. This is why Shakespeare Week is so important because it opens the door to Shakespeare and ensures that children have a great first encounter with one of the world’s most famous playwrights.

One thought on “Shakespeare Week

  1. Hello everyone that writes this blog!
    Can I firstly say how brilliant this blog is!? Very well written and maintained, insightful, funny and well designed.
    I run the bookshop in Pontyclun and am very interested in your school reading list, where can I go/ who can I talk to about getting a copy of it?
    Also, would any of the year groups be interested in having a book published?
    Contact me either via this website, my email:
    or call me on my store phone 01443231177

    Warm Regards,
    Emily Rogers
    BookLady of Pontyclun.


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