Review: Boy X by Dan Smith

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Image from Goodreads
Title: Boy X
Author: Dan Smith
Publisher: Chicken House
Publication Date:
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Kidnapped and drugged, Ash wakes up on a remote tropical island. His mum – a genetic scientist – has been imprisoned and infected with a deadly virus. Where is he, and what’s he doing there? He sets out to cross the jungle to find out and rescue his mother. Soon he realises he’s quicker and sharper than before. But there’s something else …why are the animals watching him, and how can he use the jungle to his advantage?

Boy X is very creative featuring action, adventure and a high level of excitement. The race against time to save the lives of those affected by the deadly ‘Kronos’ virus including the nearest and dearest to our main character, Ash, who must find the antivirus before time runs out. 
I found Ash very relatable, being the same age and having similar hobbies made him very realistic within the imagination. 
All the characters are described well with information about each of them being drip fed through the plot, their individual personalities are clearly portrayed within the narrative and play pivotal roles within the plot.
Initial impression suggest Ash is an ordinary boy but there are hints scattered through the story to infer Ash is far more special than even he realises.  The other character who plays a pivotal role within the plot is Isabel; adding chemistry to the already dynamic plot layering the action with a little romance. Forced together in order to survive, their relationship builds as the story progresses. 
The setting added to the tension and border on dystopia. Isla Negra, a deserted island affected by harsh chemicals used in the war he island played a large role within, causing the animals to mutate and their habitats to alter in unexpected ways. 
Boy X was consistently thrilling, I never knew what to expect, it was blood tingling, hair raisingly good. 

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