Review: Haunt: Dead Wrong by Curtis Jobling

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Image from Goodreads

Title: Haunt: Dead Wrong
Series: Haunt #2
Author: Curtis Jobling
Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK
Publication Date:
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis from Goodreads
Will and Dougie are still adjusting to the slight change in their friendship dynamic…Will’s dead but Dougie can still see him. Weird, admittedly, but there are some positives: solving a murder mystery (with the help of former living best friend), becoming a local hero and getting the girl of your dreams are pretty big perks. But what happens when the girl is Will’s crush too? The first (and last!) girl he ever kissed? And why has Dougie’s dad been acting all weird ever since Will died? Just as things are beginning to go right for Will, it seems he couldn’t have been more wrong…
Haunt: Dead Wrong is about two teenagers, Dougie and Will and how they adjust to life after Will’s death. You see Will’s dead however Dougie can still see him. The story shows the great bond between friends and how they develop relationships. Haunt: Dead Wrong is written from Will’s perspective as he talks about the ups and downs of his life after death.
Through the book there is no real outright ” main character “. As it shows how the two very alike characters, treat each other fairly and as equals. However, during the book I was never really able to identify with either of the two characters or the settings they were based in because they have very odd, quirky personalities.
The narrative shows how Will helps Dougie and his father rebuild their relationships. As well as this they help their ghostly friend who goes by the name of ” captain ” or ” the major ” pass on, by reuniting him and the love of his life.
There are many brilliant and heart stopping moments throughout the book, but my favourite was when they fixed things not just for themselves, but others, such as the Major. I found this one of the greater moments of the book because it was finally all going right for them and this would have made a nice ending to the novel, however, unfortunately this was not the end… In ‘ Haunt Dead Wrong’ it was hard to narrow it down to my favourite character , because I never really related with either of the main characters. However, if I was to chose one, it would have to be Dougie because of the way he dealt with situations and his odd, quirky personality.
One thing I disliked about Haunt: Dead Wrong was I found it quite predictable and unrealistic. I would say it is similar to The Famous Five by Enid Blyton, as the main characters always seem to find trouble and an adventure; also it shows the bond between friends. Both Haunt: Dead Wrong and The Famous Five give me, the reader, very similar emotions such as happiness and moments were you tear up.
Overall, I would rate this book a 3/5 , as it was very predictable and I would have liked to see Will and Lucy’s relationship develop. I believe this book is aimed at a younger teenage audience. Although the morale of this novel and the things I have taken from reading it aid the enjoyment. Above all else you should enjoy your opportunities, love those around you and take chances within in a blink of an eye because you never know when it will all end and you may never get that second chance again.

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