Review: The Edge of the Water by Elizabeth George

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Image from Goodreads

Title: The Edge of the Water
Series: Whidbey Island Saga #2
Author: Elizabeth George
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Publication Date: April 2014
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3/5
Synopsis from Goodreads
A mysterious girl who won t speak; a coal black seal named Nera that returns to the same place every year; a bitter feud of unknown origin… strange things are happening on Whidbey Island, and Becca King, is drawn into the maelstrom of events.
But Becca has her own secrets to hide. Still on the run from her criminal stepfather, Becca is living in a secret location. Even Derric, the Ugandan orphan with whom Becca shares a close, romantic relationship, can t be allowed to know her whereabouts. As the secrets of past and present are revealed, Becca becomes aware of her growing paranormal powers, and events build to a shocking climax anticipated by no one.
The Edge of the Water is the second book in the Whidbey Island Saga, prequel to The Edge of Nowhere, Elizabeth George’s first YA novel.
The Edge of the Water is set in the twenty first century on Whidbey Island. The book is about a mysterious black seal called Nera who returns every year to the same place at the same time, but, this year the seal returns early along with a marine biologist who is writing her dissertation on the seal and, unknown to the other characters, a girl who was left to wander with a sandwich, a suitcase and a no parents. The seal spotters are worried by the early return of Nera and what the marine biologist will do to the seal. Jenn McDaniels and Becca King are drawn into the plight to find out Nera’s secret, both of whom have a passionate hatred for one another after an argument over a boy, they both end up working against each other. Meanwhile,they both struggle with boy trouble at school.
Will’s thoughts on The Edge Of The Water
My favourite part of The Edge Of The Water was the mystery that ran through it. My favourite character had to be Jenn Mc Daniels because she was nice and had a great personality.
In The Edge Of The Water I didn’t like the ending because I feel that it is rushed and slightly boring. I wish that the ending was different because then it would be a much better book (in my opinion, of course). I also disliked the pace about the book because it was quite slow. This made the book very boring to me and made me avoid reading it for a week. I prefer to read faster books because they catch my attention much better. If this book was faster I believe it would be very good. I also think that there should have been more action in the book because it had barely any (if at all) action in it. I think this would make the book appeal to a wider range of readers.
I don’t think I would read another of Elizabeth George’s books because I believe it will be like The Edge Of The Water and I feel I would not enjoy it. I may recommend this book to others depending on their choice of genres. I feel that The Edge Of The Waterwould be best suited for older female teenagers (about 15 years and up). There is a bit of mature themes in this book- there is bad language and sexual content.
Out of five I would give this book a 2.4 out of five because it was slow and didn’t have much varied, advanced vocabulary. I also think that the ending was rushed. It was quick and seemed quite dull. I feel that Elizabeth George should completely change the ending. It ruined the book for me. With a different ending I would have probably given the book a 3 out of five.
Adam’s thoughts on The Edge Of the Water.
Recently, I finished The Edge of the Water. It introduced me to a new genre that I’d never really come across before, preferring to read science fiction and fantasy. After coming across this book, I would like to read more, it would be a welcome change.
I really liked the ending of The Edge Of the Water; it was really surprising. It added some action and excitement which was a stark contrast to the rest of the book. However, I did disliked the lack of action which made the rest of the book boring, but, the sense of mystery kept me reading, the book was constantly in the back of my mind, I really wanted to read on and find out how it all ended. Despite the lack of action, there are some mature themes: bad language and sexual content so it is best suited for older readers.
Becca King, one of the main characters, really appealed to me, although she seemed to be the outsider, it was really interesting seeing how she tries to fit in and the hardship that she suffers because of her secret that she keeps and a break up with the boy that she loves makes it easier to empathise with her. The connection that is created really adds to the reality of the world.
The world building was quite realistic, since it is based on a real island in america, everything in the book is believable despite them being unlikely. The descriptions helped a lot too, you felt as if you were there alongside the characters and every image was clear in my head. The three dimensional feel of the characters, particularly Deric who, although he was uninvolved for most of the book, was described in detail and every part of his life was talked about, built a more believable society. Every situation was explained fully and I understood what was going on but it could have been better without the superfluous detail.
However, I wouldn’t recommend this to most of my friends as I know they prefer books with more action in. But if you do read it, I do recommend reading the first book in the series first as it gives you a bit of background information. I would give this book three out of five despite the suspense and build up of excitement created, it was a little slow at times. More action would certainly add to The Edge of the Water.

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