Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity
Dear Year 6 self,

There is nothing to worry about, it will be fine. Do you remember when you thought you were going to get bullied? Well you have nothing to fear, everything will be all right. Going from the top of primary to the youngest of the comprehensive is a hard thing to do, but you will be fine. Okay, I admit, you do get more homework, but there is no point in being nervous. Here is a few tips that should help you out: Try to do your homework as soon as you can (presumably the day you get it) and don’t wear your fob around your neck clip it to your belt hole. Try not to get in anyone’s way. Try and have a go at every club possible just to see what you might like. You don’t have to carry on with them but just trying them out will hopefully be fun. You never know you may find something you love and enjoy.

Yours sincerely,

You’re self (in Year 7)
Ben 7:2

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