Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity

Dear me:

Life is not as hard as I was expecting here at Comprehensive
school. Firstly its not true that you head gets flushed down the
toilet. However the amount of homework is tremendous! There is lots of
consequences if not finished but the date required. There is no need
to be scared of comprehensive school, its really fun, exciting but
very nerve wracking. I have met lots of new friends who are really
nice, funny, helpful ect.

A few tips to guide you in the right direction for next year…

 1: Don’t get into and arguments with any pupils from any year above year
7. Trust me I’ve already established that! I had been waiting ages in
the queue on my 5th week into comp and this year 9 shoved in front
despite the fact I had been waiting patiently in the queue to put money
on my fob. I had a go at him for pushing in front and… lets just say
he wasn’t the happiest being bossed about by a year 7.

 2: On the subject of fobs, fobs are you life in a circle that dangles
of your wrist. They store all your money on so you can pay for lunch
and sign you into your lessons. A day without your fob is beyond
repair, Thankfully I have never left/lost my fob but most of my
friends have and they inform me that is a worst nightmare come true.
Also if you lose your fob you have to pay £25.00 pounds to order a new
one! So to safe your life I strongly advise you bringing your fob
everyday for the rest of your time in comp.

 3: Any jewellery worn to school will be removed permanently off your
leg, wrist, neck, ears or wrist. any jewellery spotted by a teacher or
member of staff, you will be asked for it to be removed permanently.
The only jewellery required on your wrist should be limited to a watch
and bobble.

 4: Lastly if your phone is spotted/heard buzzing during school time,
your phone will be excluded and given to your [parents with a note in
your planner.

In conclusion Cowbridge is the best high school ever and you will be
very happy there.

 yours sincerely

 Ruby 7:7 xx



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