Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity

Dear my year 6 self,

                                        On my first day of high school I was so scared because I mean… what if I got a swirly; I was so scared of getting one that I was a bit scared to go to the toilet however, swirly’s aren’t something that happens and I don’t think it will (hopefully)! I was also scared of the size of the school because I thought that I would get lost and be late for class and get told off but my friends helped me and then after a few weeks I learnt my way around the school. And also, I expected that there would be a few tall people as it is high school but I mean…  I didn’t expect 7ft children like there is this boy in year 7 and he is 6ft!!! I know what you’re thinking…  WOW! Sometimes I’m afraid that the tall people will create a stampede and crush all the small people and invade earth but that hasn’t happened so YAY!

          I really like High School now though as it is clean and friendly and a lot easier to make new friends.  I love that we have a planner and timetable since we know what lessons we have that day. I also love that there are no swirly’s and also that the teachers are helpful. I love having a fob so I don’t have to carry money around with me and that we don’t waist the lesson on the register. I love having a library as well because then if we want to read alone then we can go into the library and have some peace and quiet.

          It’s super hard to remember the classroom that we are in and to remember the teacher’s name and our seating plan in different subjects.



                              Year 7 Shay-lee  Form: 7.7

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