Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity

Dear Year 6 self,

                              High School is GREAT!  It really couldn’t be any better (though there’s an awful lot of homework to be done!)  You’ll stay with your friends, not Caitlin though L, but with your bestie Soph and joined by Jasmin, Livvy and Ruby. You’ll also make loads of new friends no matter what you think, such as Robyn and Shay! J Now for one major thing you need to take on board; Do NOT listen to your Yr 6 teacher (Sorry Sir) he will try and tell you that you need to prepare loads as it is a massive step up – believe me, it’s not at all! All the teachers do is go over things you’ve been taught in Primary.


The school is big, but not as massive as you will first think. There is no way you will get lost, as in your planner you will find that each lesson has a class for example A3N (English my favourite). The A stands for A block, the 2 represents the second floor, and N is the classroom. Hopefully your teachers will remember to inform you of this system (as mine unfortunately did not – we were completely dazed and confused until she remembered hopefully she will not make this mistake again!)
Lily 7:7


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