Letters toYear 6

Empathy, Identity

Dear year 6 me,


Did you enjoy JCA Croft Farm? I knew you would. I’m writing to tell you that you should NEVER FORGET your book! Because you get told off, and it’s extremely embarrassing! Luckily, I didn’t get anything bad after like detention or anything, but take my advice and never forget your book. Now remember when you had that dream, about the year 10s stuffing your face down toilets, that won’t happen so don’t get full of anxieties and worries. I would be careful if I were you, some of the sixth formers are scary so BEWARE!


You will be going to Llangranog! It will be so much fun! You do lots of activities there such as: Skiing, tobogganing, archery, rock-climbing, swimming, horse riding, quad biking and many, many more.


You’ll have lots of fun in DT; you make a fruit salad first in food tech, it’s so tasty. In tech styles, you’ll make a cover for your planner, which will involve sewing and ironing. Lastly, in wood work, you’ll make a mood lamp by sawing and sanding wood, (don’t get a splinter). Maths is fun, you have a challenge though, it’s not as easy as it was in primary. English is awesome! You have a really funny teacher, I’m not going to tell about that though you will have to wait and see….. Art is great, you will draw a pepper or tomato for homework, it’s quite challenging, but fun. E.P is an interesting subject, it’s a bit like R.E, but way more fun, it stands for Ethics and Philosophy. In music, you get to learn some piano which is cool. Welsh is super fun as it was in primary, you do have a lot of tests though, however they are not too challenging. French is amazing! I love it (J’adore le francais!). I.C.T is awesome, you get to make a learner profile about you, and a power point on E-safety. Science is hard in Physics for you, but you do get better, Chemistry is really interesting with forensic science and Biology is hard at the start, but in the end you get a really high level. PSE is interesting, you learn about bullying and how it can effect you. Geography is astonishing, learning about volcanoes and how they work. In History, you learn about the Battle of Hastings which you knew nothing about, but now you know lots! Drama is fun to act and enjoy freeze frames, you also join Drama club which is very active and enjoyable. Last but not least, P.E is great, first you do netball, then hockey (you finally learn how to play it!), then you do fitness and then gymnastics. I have to say I think gymnastics was your favourite!


Best wishes from

Year Seven you


Ella 7:2



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