Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity


Dear my year 6 self,
                High school is actually not that hard although I thought it would be quite hard ! There is hardly any homework which I was surprised about, I thought I would have loads of homework everyday, so don’t worry about homework AT ALL!
        I know you are really scared of big children but having been in comp for nearly half a year big children are not that BIG, just about 7ft bigger then you (maybe exaggerating just a bit).
        Don’t worry about making new friends because I have made millions of new friends already and I have stuck with the friends from primary as well. Jasmin, Sophia, Lily, Ruby, Caitlin, Freya, Aimee and sometimes Emma and Catrin, they are great and you will be happy with them. That will be your group of friends most of the time, but you will make some friends who are in your form and really nice they are called Robyn and Shay-lee.
        The school food is good a bit better then primary, so the main thing is don’t worry about anything!
             Your sincerely you xxxx

Livvy 7:7


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