Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity

Libby 7:3

Tuesday 27th November                                                               
Hi me year six girl.
I know that when we were in primary school we got told that high school was amazing and easy if we didn’t get detention or if we did our homework. I know that we worry that if we didn’t do our homework than we would get into huge trouble, well take it from me, me your doing amazing and great!
People used to tell us that as soon as we came to Cowbridge Comprehensive School we would get our heads flushed down the toilet or the six former’s would pick on us because we were in year seven and we are knew, take it from me girl that does NOT happen, if anything it is the complete opposite. Maybe the older years may say that the year sevens are cute etc. But nothing really other than that.
In your school in year six you got told if we didn’t start getting into homework then you wouldn’t get used to homework in Cowbridge which is a bit true, but we don’t get that much as you think because I bet your thinking we are getting tons and tons but really we are not maybe about five to eight pieces of homework a week, so it’s not that bad.
In high school you feel like you can talk to anybody at all. The teachers there will sit down and talk to you if something is bothering you, I thought that because there is thousands of pupils in the school the head of year teachers or another teachers wouldn’t have time for me but I was completely wrong, ever since year sevens came, teachers always had time for us and wouldn’t want us to feel bad or sad. So basically what I’m trying to say is that everybody there will probably always have time for you!
Primary schools are normally always small and have small classrooms. Sometimes some primaries have to stay in one classroom and have all of their lessons in one. Your probably thinking, well I am in a small school and I only have to move to two classrooms, which is probably correct. But when you get to Cowbridge Comp it is a totally different story. In high school you would go to around about five to six classrooms a day and remember where the classrooms are. From my experience it took myself one to two months to get used to where to go for certain classrooms, mostly because we had to get used to blocks. Whereas it only took you forty seconds to each classroom. However you will get used to it!
Here in high school after school activities are amazing and you can pick from a range of activities, such as sports (netball, basketball, hockey and football) Languages (mandarin, Italian etc.) So and you can see a handful of choices to pick. Therefore in Primary it’s a very small range of activities!
As you can see you have a lot to memorize such as how to use a fob to put money on, however just think that I’ve only been here for about three months and all I have to say about this high school is positive stuff, so just think how much you will enjoy it! Me you will do just fine and you will have a good time.
Thanks for reading me!

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