Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity

Cowbridge Comprehensive School
Aberthin Road
Vale of Glamorgan
CF717 EN
Dear Year 6 me,

Dont worry about all those silly little things that you are worrying about. Especially friends. You will make loads of new friends like Robyn, Shay-lee, Maud and loads more! And you will also stay amazing friends with Lily (obviously) Livvy (surprisingly) and Jammy. However, the rest are put in a different form. Oh, except from Ruby who will be in your form but won’t hang around with you.
The homework isn’t that bad either. You will get a lot in your first week but it’ll settle down after that. But NEVER forget your books! Some teachers won’t care but some will go MAD! And don’t wait for Ruby after IT because (no offense to her but) she is really slow and you will get told off by your next teacher. 

PE isn’t as hard as some people make out. And you will join the gym club and enter a competition or two. You will also learn to vault and cartwheel. PE isn’t the only subject like that, you will be in set 1 for maths and get high levels in everything else.


Good Luck

Sophia 7:7


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