Letters toYear 6

Empathy, Identity

Anna 7:2

Dear me in year six,
                                  You know when everyone was telling you that the sixth formers would shove your head down the toilet and then flush it if you got in their way, or even just looked at them? Well they don’t actually do that, so don’t worry about it!
Also do you remember when people told you that if you don’t bring your PE kit, the teachers will make you do it in your bra and knickers, even in the freezing cold weather?! That doesn’t really happen either, people just say that to scare you.
You know that you were really looking forward to the school dinners here? Well it was worth waiting, trust me! The food here is amazing! My favourite is the meat balls and pasta on Thursdays. They are delicious!!!
I’ll admit that this school is humongous and that is way bigger than Llansannor, and that you might get lost a couple of times, but after a while you will know your way around the school as if it is your own house.
Do you also remember that you were super petrified of making new friends and what people would think of you? It is absolutely fine. Not everyone will like you but you still make loads of friends, and after you get to know them a bit more you feel like you can really open up to them and they are family to you.
I love it here and so will you!
Yours faithfully,
Me in year 7.

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