Year 7 Diary Enteries

Comedy, Empathy

Anna 7:2

Dear diary,
You’ll never guess what happened to me today!
Now where should I start?
Well first of all, me, my mum, my friend Ellie and her mum went down to the village for tea, because we walked there we obviously had to walk back!
So on our way back, me and Ellie were talking about stuff, and because when I was talking I had my face turned to the left so I could see her, I couldn’t see what was in front of me.
So as you can imagine, I was chatting (as girls do!) with my head turned in a different direction to the way that I was walking, and I walked for about two minutes like that until…
My head banged against a lamp-post on the pavement!
But it was actually really funny so I didn’t cry. T
The lamp-post vibrated after (that’s how hard I knocked it!) 
I’m probably going to have a big lump on my head tomorrow; hopefully not!
Goodnight diary, see you in the morning!  

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