Year 7 Diary Enteries

Comedy, Empathy

Kate 7:6

Dear diary,

Today I was down town in Bridgend with Lauren when one of the most embarrassing moments of my life happened.
How will I ever forget that day?
We had been shopping spending as much money as possible.
We had bought a lot and were carrying a lot of bags when on are way home we came across a group of boys. 
As you would, I let them through. However, as I went to dodge them I didn’t see the big silver steel pole. I walked right into it and fell onto the floor.
My whole face  went as bright as a rose and as hot as the sun from pain and embarrassment. I could not get up as people all around were laughing at me.
In the end I was laughing with them. Even though the next day I had a massive bruise I was still joking about it.
I will never forget that day! 

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