Year 7 Diary Enteries

Comedy, Empathy

Following the Comedy Book presentation we noticed a trend of diary fiction being used in these type of books. As well as writing letters to themselves promoting empathy, diversity and identity; Year 7 have been writing diary entries focusing on the funny/embarrassing incidents that have happened to them.


Dear diary,
                   Menorca is a lovely place, it has green palm trees and soft golden sand too. The sky is blue and sparkly.
As I woke up after a funny dream it was 12.00 so me and my cousins decided to go into the COOLING POOL. We were all going to jump in together when actually my cousin PUSHED ME in !!!!!!!! So when I got up after she pushed me in ALL my family were laughing ( apart from me )
Also that evening when we went to dinner my other cousin tricked me saying ” yeah they are definitely prawns” when it was two massive legs of Squid. So when I tried it, it was horrible. So the rest of the night they were ALL calling me Squidney ( and now all my friends call me it too )
So I hope all my friends know why they call me ……………… Squidney or Squidward X
                                                Bye xxxxxx

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