Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity

Again we have another fantastic letter from a Year 7 student to their Year 6 self.

Letter by SYDNEY 7:6

Cowbridge Comprehensive School
Aberthin Road
Vale of Glamorgan
November 2014
Dear Year 6 Me,

After being at comp for ages I have some EXTREMELY good advice for you. Don’t worry about having your head flushed down the loo because its a myth!

Everyone was worried and still is now about forgetting what book has been given in. There is a way of not worrying. When you think a book has been given in, write it in your planner, for example- English Miss Kenworthy – Neale book in. You could even write this in “Notes and other week end activities.”

I thought lots of people who are the only people from their schools weren’t going to make friends, BUT actually they did! So if any of your friends are the only ones from their school please tell them not to worry. Luckily I wasn’t the only one from my school, I had a few of friends to look up to but I don’t really see them any more because I have lots of new ones !!!! Also if you are the only boy or girl the same applies to you too.

Some of the feelings you may have are one day you may come home and look and feel as though you’re going to die because you say to your parents “oh no more work, too much work!” To be honest with you though, now I’ve finished a term at Cowbridge Comp it seems ok. I was worried about if the teachers were going to be mean. I felt terrified, but actually they are pretty nice. ( apart from one or two!! )

If you have any more things you need to ask me about, send an email to Cowbridge Comprehensive School .

yours sincerely,



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