Letters to Year 6

Empathy, Identity

As we’ve been covering a few books that use letters as their foundation, Year 7 were given the task of writing a letter to themselves. However, the letter had to be written by their present day selves to their counterpart in Year 6 taking into consideration all their excitement and trepidation of moving onto their new school and stage in their lives.
Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of these fantastic word of wisdom. ENJOY

Letter from Isla 7:1

Cowbridge Comprehensive School
Aberthin Road
Vale of Glamorgan
CF71 7EN

November 2014

Dear Moi  ⭐️
How are you? I have a couple of pieces of advice (5 to be exact) for comp! 
First of all, DO NOT WORRY, it is easy to get used to. Next, mum really cares about your handwriting✒️, try your best and if you do a messy piece of work she makes you redo it ( ITS A PAIN!).
Now – one thing you were seriously worried about , the bus, they tell you where to go, there is 2 buses and it is confusing, but Megan’s on the ball⚽️!
Number 4 now, always remember your books 📖 and homework the teachers don’t like it if you forget them.
Last but not least, you’ll wake LOADS of new friends! 
So like I said at the beginning DO NOT WORRY!!!! You’ll love it 💖
Lots of love 💋
Your future self xxx


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