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A coalition called Read On. Get On. formed by leading charities, organisations, teachers and children’s authors has launch a national mission in Wales to get all 11 year olds reading well by 2025.
According to Read On. Get On. “Reading is the key to a child’s future; it helps unlocks their potential and opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities. However, every year 40% of 11 year olds in Wales have reading ages below their chronological age (Estyn 2010-11 report). The recently published Welsh Government National Literacy results also showed that children living in disadvantaged areas did less well with their reading than those in more affluent areas.”
A report by the UK Read On.Get On. coalition entitled Reading For A Fairer Future, also found that GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in 2025 could be £32 billion higher if action had been taken to ensure that all children were reading well by the age of 11.
Read On. Get On aims to create a nation of strong readers by:                   
  • supporting parents to read with young children for ten minutes a day
  • urging the public to volunteer to help disadvantaged children improve their reading
  • building a powerful coalition of the most influential public, private and charitable organisations to pledge to support the mission
  • urging all political parties to support the 2025 target
In support of the mission a number of acclaimed Welsh children’s authors including Jon GowerJenny SullivanAllan Cliff, Dan AnthonyElen Caldecott, Caryl LewisBethan GwanasElin Meek, andManon Steffan Ros have provided exclusive 10-minute reads that can be enjoyed by children and their parents. The stories can be read on-line at and in Welsh on
For further information on Read On. Get On. visit or contact Media & Communications Managers for Save the Children in Wales, Eurgain Haf ( Lois Eckley (


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